Hello! This is a small information and portal page for the artist Whispwill ( Allexis Kristedja ). Here you will find my convention schedule in addition to convention and freelance information. You will also find links to my various social media accounts where you can find examples of my work and get in contact with me.
Thank you for stopping by!

2017 Convention Schedule

Confirmed Conventions
  • Kawaii Kon - Honolulu Hawaii - April 7-9th
  • Sakuracon - Seattle Washington - April 14-16th
  • Fanime - San Jose California - May 26-29th
  • A-kon - Dallas Texas - June 1-4th
  • Anime Expo - Los Angeles California - July 1-4th
  • Anime Midwest - Chicago Illinois - July 7-9th
  • Otakon - Washington DC - August 11 - 13th
Unconfirmed Conventions
  • Sacanime Summer - Sacramento California - n/a
  • Kraken Con - Oakland California - n/a

2017 Convention Goodies

Bring any fanart or cosplay of my comic characters from "Kings Folly" to me at any of the conventions I will be attending and recieve a free set of "5" Limited Edition Kings Folly pins! This set will not be for sale and will only be obtainable in 2017 through the gift of fanart or showing me your cosplay of my characters!
You may recieve a single pin limited edition pin if you bring me any of the following items:
  • Tall Latte with, whole milk, 4 pumps of classic from Starbucks ( or something similar from anywhere )
  • Tall Black Tea Latte, whole milk, 4 pumps classic from Starbucks ( or something similar from anywhere )
  • Any and all snacks.
I'm stuck at a table from 6 to 13 hours a day... any food and drink is greatly appreciated aha.