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Why do you need the support?
I am a college student currently attending full time at the Academy of Art University. Because I am attending full time I don't have the time to get a part time job and have been living off some ridiculously high interest loans along with the small amount of money I get from commissions and my business. It's been tough so some extra support would be much appreciated!

What will you do with the money you receive?
 The money I get from monthly support will go towards my commute fees and food as that's probably one of the biggest hits to me financially. To get into SF everyday it costs me around $200-300 via bart as its $11 round trip. I also like food - and as much as I love ramen it's probably not the best thing to eat for every meal. Though I'm not going to lie, I'm probably just going to buy more ramen. Maybe some waffles. Mmm, waffles.

What is your comic?
My comic is called "Kings Folly" and it's about a young man named Elliot who partakes on a thrilling adventure with his younger brother Philip. My comic will hopefully make people think about what morals mean and how power can be used for both good and evil. You can read it at: http://tapastic.com/series/Kings-Folly

Stuff you can earn by helping me! :
  • View the Newest Page of Kings Folly a Week Early
  • Early Bird Privilege. Order new merchandise ( both Kings Folly and Fanart ) before anyone else. Avoiding the dreaded "sold out".
  • Access to all tutorials and guides
  • Monthly discounts and coupons in my online store.
  • Private tutorial/critique live Streams.
  • Private patron only commission live Streams. Skip the commission wait list!
  • Book Previews! Access to all books I currently have in production.

Monthly Bundles!
  • Low resolution line art for you to practice with.
  • Low resolution PSD's of all my prints
  • Descriptions of my methods including the brushes/textures I used
  • Video recordings of my artwork
  • High Resolution PNGs of all finished art work ( so you can see the nitty gritty details )

$50 Patron only Bonuses!
  • Free commissions! ( Limit one commission per 6 month period // so you don't eat up all the slots )
One time care package after 3 months of support!
  1. Philip or Mercrutio Plushie
  2. A set of Kings Folly Charms ( Cody, Mercrutio, Elliot, Sawyer, Philip, and Victoria! )
  3. Signed copies of all Kings Folly comics currently in print.
  4. Signed Kings Folly notebook for you to doodle and write in!
  5. Small thank you doodle by me, Whispy!
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